Today we announced the release of a new product specifically designed to help keep the natural heat in your coop. CoopTight™  it is a strip door covering made of the same materials you will find on industrial freezer applications We take this rugged material and modified to fit your flocks. Each CoopTight™ we ship is made  in our shop right, the same shop where we produce The Chicken Fountain™ line of watering solutions. One very important aspect of CoopTight™ is that it does not seal your coop door shut, it allows limited air flow to facilitate the all important aspect of ventilation, in better terms “controlled ventilation”. CoopTight™ controls the amount of airflow in and out of your coop so you have no worries leaving the door open. In the cold winter months many of us painstakingly insulate our coops and/or provide added substrate all geared at retaining some natural heat for the flock. In many cases all of this trapped heat is lost quickly out the open coop door, not with CoopTight™.

CoopTight™ is designed to trap that heat inside the coop while blocking out the deadly cold drafts that can occur. Additionally wild birds are no longer granted access to your coop where they can spread deadly diseases through cross contamination of bedding, feed and water. Rain and snow are defected and sunlight can enter through the clear strips helping to maintain a healthy environment. Installation is a snap and takes no special tools. Each unit comes in a 17″ length and it can easily be cut with kitchen shears to the desired length. You can even install the unit a little high leaving a gap at the bottom for more ventilation. A screwdriver, level and the included screws are all you will need for installation and CoopTight™ can be installed inside or outside of the coop opening. Additionally CoopTight™ can be used as a traditional pet doors for small dogs, cats and even rabbits.

Training takes a few days but our detailed instruction sheet will have the flock coming and going in no time. As with all of The Chicken Fountain™ products, we build each one here on our farm by hand and take pride in the work we produce.

Give your flock a leg up this winter and get them CoopTight™, you will not be sorry you did and neither will your flock…


Order your today at


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